Tuesday – “Rebuild, Restore, Renew Together – Have Empathy: Rebuild”

Call to Prayer

Today, we are being invited to rebuild together what needs to be rebuilt. Our lives have been changed in many ways through the pandemic, through natural events such as wildfires and floods, and technologies that can take over our time. Let us bring our needs to God in prayer.


Creator God,
You call us to be in relationship with one another.
Sometimes our relationships need to be rebuilt,
but the rebuilding needs to be mutual to succeed.
Nudge us to rebuild the relationships in our lives that are significant so we can live in peace and joy with one another.
And when it takes time, help us to be patient with the process.


(Prayers and Activities for Catholic Education Week 2022 – Secondary Schools, www.ocsta.on.ca)

BHN Catholic Education Week Daily News: Tuesday

St. John’s College student, Caroline shares a short story of how Catholic Education has allowed her the opportunity to rebuild in her faith. Feature story highlights a construction project happening at one of our local parishes.

BHN CEW Daily News: Tuesday

Catholic Education Week and Mental Health Week ‘Rebuild, Restore, Renew Together – Have Empathy’ Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Visit these documents including fun, informative, interactive activities and resources from Student Mental Health Ontario that help promote well-being. There will be a different document posted each day this week! Information and activities are designed to promote the well-being of ALL, including students, staff, and families.

Take care and be well! View/download today’s document

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