Brightspace FAQ

Contacting Support

Please contact if:

  • The student cannot sign into Brightspace
  • The student can sign into Brightspace but cannot see the correct course(s) or class(es)

When contacting our virtual school support team, please provide the following information:

  • The student’s first and last name
  • The device type (e.g. Windows laptop, iPad, Chromebook, board-provided device) that the student is using
  • If the device is shared by more than 1 student
  • A brief description of the issue
  • If the issue is with a live class meeting, please indicate whether the student is using a browser (e.g. Edge, Safari, Chrome, etc.) to access the meeting or the Microsoft Teams app

Self-Help Supports

Click here to access a tip sheet to resolve sign-in challenges resulting from more than 1 child using the same device to access Brightspace

Click here to access our student and parent Brightspace resource including answers to frequently asked questions

Additional Online Resources

  • All staff and students at the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board have an Office 365 account. Staff and students can access Office 365 from any device by going to and signing in with their board email address and password
  • All staff and students can download the Microsoft Office suite to their personal device(s) for free. Brief steps:
    • Launch an Internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.)
    • Navigate to 
    • Sign in using their board email address and password
    • The landing page displays the various apps which they can use online.  Near the top right corner there is an Install Office button.
    • Click on the Install Office button.  The webpage will detect whether they are accessing the software from a PC or a Mac and provide the correct version of the software for download.
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education is providing resources that can be accessed free of charge to supplement remote learning.
  • Ministry of Education’s ‘Learn at Home’ online learning program -
  • TVO ILC Open House, Grades 9-12 - (Note: This site is best accessed using a desktop, laptop or tablet)

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