Planning Services

Planning Services is responsible for long-term accommodation planning. The analysis and planning process centers upon the Board’s short- and long-term enrollment projections, which are used by Financial Services for Ministry of Education funding and grants, Human Resource Services for staffing allocations and for long-term accommodation planning.

Planning Services role is to identify Board wide student accommodation requirements and to respond to student needs by undertaking the following:

  • Projecting enrolment by tracking students, analyzing demographic trends, monitoring residential development, consulting with municipalities and developers
  • Management of attendance areas, creating holding zones, designating holding schools, conducting Pupil Accommodation Reviews (PARs) and School Boundary Reviews when needed
  • Consulting with municipalities and other community partners to determine Community Planning and Facility Collaboration Opportunities
  • Portable classroom allocations
  • Education Development Charges
  • Acquiring property for new schools and disposing of property when schools are closed

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