Catholic education and successful school districts rely heavily on the input of parents, community members and other stakeholders in regard to priorities and policies that guide the work of the Board. It is important to us that we have your opinion on important items the we are focusing on. It is also important that we continue to gather feedback as the education and the system undegoes change and development. Providing feedback can be as quick or as involved as you choose. Once we receive input/feedback, the information is passed on to the responsible department for the item under review and used as a resource to develop or redevelop the bylaw, policy, procedure or protocol.

For a complete list of district bylaws, policies and procedures visit  Policies and Procedures | BHNCDSB

The Board of Trustees is currently seeking feedback for the following:


Bylaws are rules and directives that the Board of Trustees follows with respect to conducting the business of the Board of Trustees.


Policies refers to the sets of rules and directives that direct the Board of Trustees and the staff of the board. The policy statement is a clear, concise statement of position or direction of the board. The procedure (if included) provides clear direction to staff in addressing the intent of the policy statement.

STU 500.02.P – Environmental Stewardship Committee  – Please provide feedback here by Wednesday June 5, 2024

STU 200.31.P- Catholic School Advisory Council  – Please provide feedback here by Wednesday June 5, 2024

HR 300.06.P- Performance Appraisal for Non Teaching Staff  – Please provide feedback here by Wednesday June 5, 2024

STU 200.03.P – Catholic Family Life Program – Please provided feedback here by Tuesday June 17, 2024


Procedures are a set of rules and directives that the staff of the board follow with respect to operational and administrative functions.

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