Business Services

Our Mission

As a community of multi-disciplined professionals, we are committed to providing exceptional business services contributing to teaching and learning through a collaborative, supportive and positive working-learning environment.

Our Community

The Business Services Community includes:

We also work closely with and support Communication Services, Curriculum, Human Resource Services, and Student Support Services.

Our Commitment

Business Services provides

  • Integrated and data-driven decision making and support
  • Leadership development
  • A service-focused culture
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Innovative and efficient processes
  • Easy access to our programs and services

Our Priorities

Excellence in Business Services

To lead and model best practices in business services

Teaching and Learning

To support the needs of our students and staff in achieving life-long learning

Stewardship of Resources

To establish integrated decision-making structures and process to support the responsible allocation of resources

Community and Engagement

To enhance our learning/working environment that supports innovation, cooperation and collaboration

Our Plan

2019-23 Business Services Operational Plan

Business Services Operational Plan

Our Team

Business Services Organizational Chart