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Scott Keys, CPA, CA

Superintendent of Business and Treasurer
519-756-6505 Ext. 11272| Contact Business Services

Katherine Reddicliffe

Executive Assistant, Business Services
519-756-6505 Ext. 11272| Contact Business Services

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Norm Cicci

Manager of Information Technology Services
519-756-6505 Ext. 13317

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Lou Citino

Manager of Facilities Services
519-756-6505 Ext. 10125  | Contact Facilities Services

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Manager of Financial Services
519-756-6505 Ext. xxx  | Contact Financial Services

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Nancy Sauvé

Manager of Procurement and Risk Management Services
519-756-6505 Ext. 11257  |  Contact Procurement Services

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Phil Kuckyt

Manager Transportation Services (STSBHN)
519-751-7532  | Toll Free 1-877-226-6353  | Contact Transportation Services

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