Policies, Procedures and ByLaws

Section 200 - Students
STU 200.01.P - Nutrition - Creating a Healthy Environment
STU 200.02.P - Fees for Learning Materials and Activities
STU 200.03.P - Catholic Family Life Program
STU 200.04.P - Religious Accommodation
STU 200.05.P - Students with Prevalent Medical Conditions (Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Diabetes or Epilepsy)
STU 200.06.P - Supervised Alternative Learning
STU 200.07.P - Indigenous Self-Identification
STU 200.08.P - Concussion
STU 200.09.P - Student Behaviour Discipline and Safety
STU 200.10.P - Dress Code for Pupils
STU 200.11.AP - Opening and Closing Exercises
STU 200.13.AP - Notification of Risk of Injury and Student Safety Plan
STU 200.14.P - Admission of Elementary Students
STU 200.15.P - Admission of Secondary Students
STU 200.16.P - Home School
STU 200.17.P - Home Instruction Policy
STU 200.19.P - Administration of Oral Medication to Students Under the Age of 18
STU 200.20.P - Head Lice (Pediculosis)
STU 200.21.P - Volunteer and Staff Trip Drivers
STU 200.22.P - Student Accident Insurance
STU 200.23.P -Equity and Inclusive Education
STU 200.24.P - Regional Catholic Parent Involvement Committee
STU 200.25.AP - Out of Boundary Admissions
STU 200.26.AP - Registration Reception Orientation and Assessment of English Language Learners
STU 200.29.P - Student Attendance
STU 200.30.P - French Immersion Program
STU 200.31.P - Catholic School Advisory Councils
STU 200.32.P - Multi-Year Integrated Accessibility Plan 2018-2023
STU 200.33.P - Integrated Accessibility
STU 200.34.AP - Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation - Customer Service
STU 200.35.AP - Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation - Employment
STU 200.36.AP - Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation - Info Comm
STU 200.37.AP - Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation - Transportation
STU 200.38.AP - Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation - Design of Public Spaces
STU 200.40.AP - Service Animals in School Facilities
STU 200.41.AP - Selection of Learning Resources AP
STU 200.42.P - Assessment, Evaluation, Grading, Reporting
STU 200.43.AP - Catholic Secondary Schools Religious Studies Course - Requests for Exemption
STU 200.44.AP - Student Clubs-Organizations & Activities
STU 200.45.AP - Extreme Weather Guidelines
STU 200.46.AP - Guidelines for Grade Retention and Acceleration of Students
STU 200.50.AP - Safe Entrances - Elementary Schools
STU.200.51.P - Anti-Human Sex Trafficking
Section 400 - Operations

OPS 400.01.P - Inclement Weather & Temporary School-Facility Closures
OPS 400.02.P - Community Planning and Facility Partnerships
OPS 400.03.P - Copyright-Protected Works
OPS 400.04.P - Emergency Response
OPS 400.05.P - Community Use of Schools
OPS 400.06.P - Security of Schools, Buildings and Grounds
OPS 400.07.P - Outdoor Playground Equipment and Structures
OPS 400.08.P - Distribution of Materials
OPS 400.09.P - Damage to or Loss of Personal Property
OPS 400.10.P - Public Concerns
OPS 400.11.P - Video Security Surveillance
OPS 400.12.AP - Flying and Displaying Flags
OPS 400.13.P - Records and Information Management
OPS 400.15.P - Protection of Property
OPS 400.16.P - Pupil Accommodation Review
OPS 400.17.P - Naming of Schools
OPS 400.18.AP - Electronic Monitoring
OPS 400.19.P - Transportation of Students
OPS 400.20.AP - Policy, AP, Protocol, Form and Memo Management
OPS 400.21.AP - Alterations, Renovations to Schools, Grounds, and Board Facilities
OPS 400.24.AP - Attendance Boundary Review
OPS 400.25.P - Smoke and Vape-Free Environment
OPS 400.26.AP - School Parish Planning Guidelines
OPS 400.31.AP - Board Assigned and Employee Mobile Phones
OPS 400.32.AP - Threat to School Safety Hold and Secure
OPS 400.33.AP - Threat to School Safety Shelter in Place
OPS 400.34.AP - Threat to School Safety - Lockdown
OPS 400.35.AP - Safety in Teaching Areas
OPS 400.36.P - Educational Partnerships Including Third Party Professional and Paraprofessional Service Providers
OPS 400.37.AP - Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
OPS 400.38.AP - Hot Work Permit System Procedure

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