MedicAlert Membership for Students

The Canadian MedicAlert® Foundation has developed a program called to protect children and provide school officials with the help they need to address concerns about students living with chronic medical conditions, allergies or special needs.

This program is called No Child Without. It was developed to ensure children across Canada from Junior Kindergarten up to their 14th birthday receive MedicAlert protection at no cost to the parents, school or Board of Education. The program follows the child should they move to another school in Canada. There is a significant benefit to the school because No Child Without blends in with the school’s safety plan and illustrates the importance of children’s health and safety.

As a national charitable organization, MedicAlert has been protecting people for 45 years through customized medical identification. Over one million Canadians have chosen MedicAlert to provide them with protection and peace of mind in case of a medical emergency.

During the school day, students can come in contact with several adults responsible for their care and safety. Before and after school programs, recess, lunch and the classroom are often the responsibility of different individuals.

In case of a medical emergency, children can be the most vulnerable because they are often too young, too afraid or to hurt to express themselves. That is why parents often feel better knowing their children’s MedicAlert identification can speak for them if they’re not around.

The program is funded by the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation, Lions Club across Canada, grants from the Government of Canada and corporate and local businesses.

Students receive a choice of a bracelet or necklet listing their medical conditions, allergies and or medications with their identification number, a wallet card, access to the 24 Hours Emergency Hotline, notification of personal emergency contact at the time of emergency and a follow-up with parents after the emergency call is made to the Hotline.

No Child Without brochures can be obtained from the school office. If you choose to participate in the program, contact MedicAlert directly after obtaining the brochure. Your child’s MedicAlert identification and wallet card will be sent to you within two to three weeks.

If your child is already a member of MedicAlert, call MedicAlert directly to transfer your child to the No Child Without program.

Visit to learn more about the program.

Printable copy of No Child Without details.

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