French as a Second Language Programs

Oui, je parle français!

The French Immersion program is an optional program offered to students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 within the Board. It is designed for children who do not speak French at home. Any parent/guardian who desires his/her child to study in French may enrol his/her child in the French Immersion program.

The Importance of Learning French

The ability to speak and understand French allows students to communicate with French-speaking people in Canada and around the world, to understand and appreciate the history and evolution of their cultures, and to develop and benefit from a competitive advantage in the workforce.

While the knowledge of any language has value, French is not only a global language, but the mother tongue of many Canadians and an integral part of the Canadian identity. Learning French equips students with the ability to communicate with French-speaking Canadians and millions of French speakers around the world.

In addition to strengthening students’ ability to communicate, learning another language develops their awareness of how language and culture interconnect, helping them appreciate and respect the diversity of Canadian and global societies. When a student is exposed to another culture through its language, he or she begins to understand the role that language plays in making connections with others. Learning an additional language not only challenges a mind, it also teaches understanding, encourages patience, and fosters open-mindedness.

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