French Teaching Opportunities

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Why teach French in our Board? 

  • We offer vibrant Core and French Immersion Programs
  • Our Core French program begins in Grade 1 where students have early exposure to language that helps them become more confident and proficient
  • Our French Immersion program begins in Kindergarten Year 1
  • We have 5 Dual Track schools that offer French Immersion programming
  • Four of these Dual Track schools are increasing a class each year until students reach Grade 8
  • Teachers are supplied with current and relevant resources that meet the curriculum expectations and support students as they build confidence with proficiency with listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French
  • Our FSL educators are passionate about language teaching and work collaboratively to share best practices

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Elementary Core French

Primary Core French

  •  At the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board, we offer Core French beginning in Grade 1 for our primary students.
  •  Early introduction and increased exposure to the language help our students to become more confident and proficient in French.
  •  Students receive 200 minutes a week of French literacy instruction with a focus on using the language to communicate for authentic purposes. (50 min/4 days a week)
  •  Using gestures, visuals, songs, repetition, and games, students learn to understand and speak in French using the language spontaneously with their peers.
  •  The AIM methodology is used by FSL teachers to reinforce French vocabulary and expressions. Teachers use gestures and strategies that support early language learning.

Junior and Intermediate Core French

  • Core French is mandatory for all students in English-language elementary schools in Grades 4 to 8.
  • Students receive 200 minutes of French instruction per week and must have accumulated a minimum of 600 hours by the end of Grade 8.
  • The goal of this program is to develop basic communication skills in French so that students can interact in authentic real-life situations.
  • The program also develops students’ appreciation of French culture in Canada and in other parts of the world.
  • Learning activities focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French to become more confident and proficient in French.

Cultural Experiences and Activities 

  • Students learn about the Francophone culture through lessons and activities within and outside the classroom.

Students have opportunities to learn about culture through the following experiences:

  • French concerts;
  • French plays and productions;
  • French Carnaval events;
  • Mardi Gras celebrations;
  • Chef à l’école
  • Au Café
  • Jay Bailey Voyageur visits
  • FSL teachers apply for cultural funding to help support these activities. (Teachers are currently planning creative cultural opportunities for students while being conscientious and adhering to Covid-19 guidelines)

Elementary French Immersion

French Immersion Program and Language of Instruction 

French Immersion Dual Track Schools in BHNCDSB 

French Immersion Kindergarten Registration