Focus Courses

Students who select the “Focus” courses obtain a quality education through increased quality sport training as an area of choice within their educational pathway.

What is a Focus Course?

These courses are open to beginners and advanced players and is intended for students who want to participate in sport-specific skill-development training in order to improve their game and advance their knowledge, skill and fitness to the next level.

These student-athletes gain knowledge in a variety of areas such as:

  • setting smart goals;
  • the importance of teamwork;
  • sports nutrition;
  • mental training;
  • visualization;
  • character building;
  • as well as a variety of life skills.

Students not only learn all the necessary developmental skills to play the sport, but they also focus on:

  • execution skills such as game sense;
  • read and react;
  • communication;
  • and the importance of support.

A by-product of this opportunity is to have healthy students who are physically active and enjoy participating in sport.

Focus Course Objectives

The objective of the “Focus” courses is to provide a formal training program within the academic setting of the school with a commitment to excellence in student achievement. Within these courses, the students will:

  • Continuously improve their sport-specific skills and physical fitness levels through exposure to a variety of physical activities.
  • Be educated and fully aware of the importance of developing a strong character.
  • Thrive in an excellent academic environment that will enable them to achieve academic goals as well as enhancing their opportunities to pursue post secondary athletic and/or academic scholarships.
  • Receive sports science knowledge including physical fitness, sports nutrition, strength training, sport psychology and mental training by qualified teachers, certified instructors, and/or special guests who are experts in various areas of interest.

Examples of Focus Courses

Focus courses at BHNCDSB include but are not limited to:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball

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