Boundary Reviews

School boundary reviews are conducted by the Board to review the attendance area for a school or a group of schools due to changes in student enrolment, program demands, new school construction or other factors.

The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board is committed to a transparent process for decision-making with regard to boundary reviews, as described in the School Boundary Review Administrative Procedure (link). The Board will ensure that communities affected by boundary changes have a clear understanding of the process and the level of consultation that will take place.

The commencement of a School Boundary Review process is initiated and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Current School Boundary Reviews

  • Southwest Brantford (January 2023) (link to site)


Future School Boundary Reviews

  • City of Brantford Elementary (Spring 2023)
  • County of Brant Elementary (Fall 2023)
  • Haldimand County Elementary (2023/24)
  • Board-wide Secondary (2023/24)

Current Boundary Reviews

Public Meetings and Providing Your Input

When the Board makes decisions about student accommodations, including school attendance areas we consult with community members. We encourage community engagement in the process to ensure your ideas and concerns are communicated to the Board. Public meeting notices and other updates will be shared on individual Boundary Review webpages, as well as GEDSB social media.

The Board of Trustees will make the final decision on boundary changes, considering all of the feedback gathered throughout the Review.

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