At the BHNCDSB, our top priority is the health and safety of our students, staff and community. This principle informed all the work and planning which has taken place in preparation for the reopening of schools and administrative buildings for the 2021-2022 school year.

During this school year, we continue the collaborative approach that helped inform our previous re-opening plan with improvements that addresses new health and safety directives. This website section encapsulated the significant details in many important areas, but we recognize that there is still direction and information forthcoming from the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education and the Medical Officer of Health. As we progress throughout the new school year, information will continue to be shared with students, staff, parents and the community.

We are confident that as we continue through our COVID-19 pandemic journey and through this re-opening process, that our faith and gospel values will continue to help guide our Catholic community through this uncertain time.

The Board has experience moving the district from in-person learning to virtual learning should the need arise due to the pandemic. At this time, we don’t anticipate having to pivot to distance learning (where all schools are closed at the direction of the Ministry of Education and/or local Public Health); however, should schools be required to pivot to a fully online/distance learning model after the start of the new school year, the Board is prepared to support students, families and staff to ensure the continuation of learning.

The COVID-19 section of the Board’s website is the single source of current guidelines, recommendations, practices and information for staff and families. As new and updated information arrives from experts and organization including the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, Public Health Ontario, our local public health units, and the Board, pages accessed from this section will be updated. We hope that by having our re-opening details and the most up-to-date practices and information in a single place, that our families and staff will have a clear understanding of everything that we are doing to keep our schools and sites as safe as possible for everyone.

What’s New ‘At-A-Glance’

What’s New ‘At-A-Glance’

COVID-19 Cases, Outbreaks, and Closures (Information and processes every family should know.)

COVID-19 Reporting (Includes COVID-19 Case Reporting by Location, Vaccinated Staff Data, Ventilation Reports)

Health and COVID-19 Screening (COVID-19 symptom at school process, screening and responsibilities)

Masking Requirements

Facilities Services, Ventilation, and Cleaning Protocols

Health and Safety (Includes PPE, preventative measures, and other health and safety items)

Vaccine Information, Health, Public Health

Athletics (During COVID-19)

Information Technology

Learning for All

Operational Guidelines for Schools

Supporting Special Education and Wellness

2021-22 Virtual School

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