Grades 10-12 International Student Registration Process

If you are new to BHNCDSB, welcome to our Catholic school community and for taking the first step to becoming a Catholic School Graduate! Registering is simple using our easy-to-use online registration system!

What you need to register

Before you register, there are a few items you will need. Please collect and prepare to upload, in electronic format (.pdf, .jpg, .png) the following:

  • Proof of Home Address (Utility Statement, Purchase/Rental/Lease Agreement, Bank Document). A Driver’s License cannot be used as proof of address. 
  • Child’s Proof of Age and Legal Name (Birth Certificate, Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Record of Landing)
  • Confirmation of Date of Entry into Canada, if applicable, and if the date is within the previous four school years. (Permanent Resident Card, Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Residence).

There are also forms that are part of the online student registration process that you will complete. These include:

  • Application for Direction of School Support and Catholic School Support Lease (if applicable) – for eligible Catholic ratepayers.
  • Students with Prevalent Medical Conditions (if required).
  • Student Acceptable Use of Computer Technology
  • Notice of Collection and Use of Personal Information Consent
  • Legal Guardianship/Custody Orders/Court Documents (if applicable)

*If you are an Out of Boundary applicant (meaning that there is another Catholic secondary school closer to your home), you are required to fill out an Out of Boundary form during the registration process. Registration is dependent on the outcome of the Out of Boundary application.

How to register

  1. First, create an account with us. This is your parent portal account.
  2. Next, register your International Grade 10-12 student (add information, upload documents, complete forms)

Create a Parent Portal Account and Register Now!

What is the next step after I register?

After you have completed the registration process you will receive correspondance and notices if there are outstanding items. We ask that you connect with your secondary school (link below) to ensure that all requirements have been met including student fees, forms, etc

For more information, visit your secondary school website:

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