Superintendent of Education (Human Resource Services, Special Education& Student Support Services)

Direct Reports:Executive Assistant to Superintendent; Manager of: Human Resource Services; Special Education; Spec Ed/Mental Health Secretary/Receptionist; Safe, Inclusive & Engaging Schools Lead, Mental Health Lead; Student Achievement Lead: Special Education; System Special Education Teachers; Resource Teachers; Professionals and Paraprofessionals

Principals assisting with: Mental Health & Support Services, Special Education; Staffing

Human Resource Services: All staffing, recruiting and hiring; investigations; workplace conduct complaints, workplace accommodations, performance management; labour relations; union negotiations; pay equity; salary administration; benefits; sick leave administration; HR policies & procedures; disability management; grievances & arbitration; unpaid leaves of absences;

Student Achievement (Special Education): Elementary and Secondary professional development

Program Initiatives: Special Education Programs; Mental Health & Support Services

Committees: Special Education Advisory Committee,Mental Health Leadership Team, OECTA & OSSTF Labour Management, Joint Staffing, PD Committees


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