Questions or Concerns? Not sure who to contact?

Do you have a question or concern regarding your child’s education?

As a parent or guardian, your child’s teacher is always recommended as the first point of contact. If unable to help you directly, he or she will seek to advise you on who to contact for further information.

School and Board Programs or POLICIES

Parents/guardians may contact the Principal of their Catholic School for information regarding Programs and/or Policies. The school Principal is a wealth of information and is more than willing to assist parents/guardians with any inquiries. Inquiries from members of the community who do not have children attending our schools may be directed to the appropriate department. Please call the Catholic Education Centre 519-756-6369 or email

I have a concern – who should I call?

The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board has established policies and procedures to ensure that parents will have their specific questions answered and/or concerns addressed. Staff and Trustees will be referring parents to the following protocol with respect to individual school-based concerns:

Step 1. Your classroom teacher and/or school principal is the first point of contact for any questions or concerns. Please contact your school;

Step 2. Should you need further assistance, your school’s Superintendent of Education is available to assist you. Please call 519-756-6369;

Step 3. The Director of Education is always available for consultation and assistance with unresolved issues. Please call 519-756-6369.

Note: Trustees are always willing to assist with concerns, but especially those pertaining to Board policy.

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