Superintendent of Business & Treasurer

Direct Reports:
Executive Assistant; Business Services, Managers of Financial Services, Facility Services, Information Technology Services & Transportation Services; Supervisor of Procurement Services

Principals assisting with:  Sustainability Initiatives, Staff Health & Safety; Business Services, IT Governance Council.

Business Services:  International tuition fees, insurance and incident reporting, enrolment projections, EDCs procurement services, accommodation and boundary reviews, policy & risk management; staff health & safety.

Facility Services:  capital planning, construction and facility renewal, sustainability & energy conservation, security, community use, maintenance and custodial services.

Financial Services:  annual budget & financial reporting process, forecasting, financing, accounting, school generated funds, payroll and benefits.

Information Technology Services:  data, electronic communications, computers, mobile devices, printers, networks, internet, telephony, and business systems (PowerSchool, OnSIS, iSYS, K212, etc.).

Procurement Services:  goods and services acquisitions, policy compliance, vendor/contract management, disposal of surplus assets.

Transportation Services:  STSBHN, safety & bus patrol programs, transportation issues.

Committees:  Audit Committee, Budget Committee, Accommodations Committee, Accommodation Review Committee (ARC), Accessibility Steering Committee, STSBHN, IT Governance Committee.