Special Education Advisory Committee Members

Bill Chopp 

Trustee Representative

Phil Wilson 

Resource to the SEAC, Superintendent of Education

Debbie Cotter

Resource to the SEAC, Executive Assistant to Kevin Greco, Superintendent of Education

Sandra De Dominicis

Resource to the SEAC and Student Achievement Lead: Special Education

Patti Mitchell

Resource to the SEAC and Parent, County of Brant

Shannon Mason

Resource to the SEAC, Principal, Sacred Heart Langton
Principal Lead Special Education Staffing

Kerri Lomax

Resource to the SEAC, Vice Principal, St. John’s College

Laura Bergeron – ad hoc

Manager of Child and Family Support Services
Family Counselling Centre of Brant

Lauren Freeborn, Chair

Contact Brant

Tara Buchanan

Community Living Brant

Christina Ferrell

Woodview Mental Health & Autism Services

Mischa Dinsmore

Lansdowne Children’s Centre

Brandi Bertling

Child and Family Services of Grand Erie

Nil Woodcroft 

Haldimand-Norfolk REACH

Shannon Korber

Child and Family Services of Grand Erie

Kim Fraser

Child and Family Services of Grand Erie

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