Admissions Instructions


The Application Form must be completed in English.

Canadian Custodian Information


The student must reside with the Canadian custodian. Should circumstances change, the student’s school must be notified within 48 hours and new custodial documents may be required. If the custodian does not meet his/her obligations, the BHNCDSB has the right to withdraw the student without refund.

Custodial Requirments

When a student under the age of 18 begins school, they are required to name a responsible adult custodian with whom he/she must live. The Custodian will take responsibility for the student and will ensure that his/her accommodations and other living expenses such as food, clothing and transportation are provided. The Custodian must be over 19 year of age and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

All International Students under the age of 18 are required to submit the following two notarized documents with their school fees payment:

  1. A Custodianship Declaration completed by the parent in the country of origin, stating that arrangements have been made for a custodian to act in the place of the parent. This document must be notarized in the country of origin.
  2. A Custodian Declaration completed by the Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 19 years, stating that arrangements have been made by the custodian to act in place of a parent in times of emergency as when medical or other intervention is required. This document must be notarized in Canada. Custodian Declaration forms are available from the IRCC website at

Admissions Instructions

Acceptance into the BHNCDSB International Student Program and subsequent placement in a school will be determined by:

  1. The student’s educational background and present academic standing as indicated on their transcripts.
  2. The availability of space in the BHNCDSB International Student Programs. Early enrolment is recommended.

Application Form

    Application Form for International Students

    The application form must be completed in English. If an individual requires assistance completing the form, please connect with Settlement Services or the Board.

    Terms of Admission at a Glance 

    1. Liturgies, paraliturgies and retreats are an integral part of the school curriculum and all students are expected to participate in them. To help fulfill the Board’s objective of providing an educational atmosphere, which fosters and directs the spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, physical and social growth of all students, individuals agree to take a religious education course in each year of enrolment at a BHNCDSB school.
    2. An enclosed notarized translation in English of academic documents should the original be in a language other than English.
    3. A mainained current Study Permit from IRCC.
    4. A submitted proof of baptism in the Roman Catholic or other rites in union with the See of Rome for all elementary school applicants.
    5. Submitted copies of Custodian Declaration – Custodian and Custodianship Declaration – Parents/Guardians forms as required by IRCC.
    6. Adequate private health insurance coverage to meet Canadian standards.
    7. Payment by wire transfer, e-transfer, certified cheque or money order prior to registration, gross fees payable in Canadian funds to the BHNCDSB. Fees are subject to change without notice.
    8. Provision of $400 Canadian, non-refundable Administration Fee with the application, if a Letter of Acceptance is required.
    9. Understanding that applications for the school year (September to June) should be received before My 31 of the previous school year. Secondary school applications may be considered for Semester 2 (February) admission should they be received prior to November 31 of the previous calendar year.