Grade 9 Registration Process for BHNCDSB Grade 8 Students

Do you currently attend a BHNCDSB elementary school? 

NoVisit our NON-BHNCDSB student Grade 9 Registration webpage.

Yes – There is no need to complete the online registration process! All your information transfers from your elementary school to your secondary school. Since you already have a MyBlueprint account, you are ready to use it to select your Grade 9 courses! Just follow the ‘Transfer’ process, pick your courses.. and you are good to go! Visit your highschool link below to get started.

If you currently attend a BHNCDSB elementary school, our guidance counsellors visit your classroom and guide you through an information session. You will have a chance to ask questions, find out more about registration, and of course, decide what courses/electives you want to take. Don’t forget to visit our Secondary Open House sessions!

If you are an Out of Boundary applicant (meaning that you wish to attend a secondary school that is not in your home catchment area), you are required to fill out an Out of Boundary form and forward it to your desired secondary school.

To begin the transfer and course selectin process, visit the Registration page of your secondary school website:

BHNCDSB is hiring for immediate, permanent positions for both uncertified and certified teachers. Virtual interviews are available for your convenience! Looking for a contract... visit our Career webpage to connect and start the conversation.