Records Management

Record means any information in printed form, on film, by electronic means or otherwise, and includes:

  • correspondence, a memorandum, a book, a plan, a map, a drawing, a diagram, a
    pictorial, or graphic work, a photograph, a film, a microfilm, a sound recording, a
    videotape, a machine readable record, any other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, and any copy thereof, and
  • any record that is capable of being produced from a machine readable record under the control of an institution by means of computer hardware and software or any other information storage equipment and technical expertise normally used by the institution.

It is the responsibility of all Board employees to adhere to the Board’s Record Retention Guide (GRRS) and protect records in their custoday.



All students studying in the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board have an Ontario Student Transcript (OST). Transcripts are records of student achievement and are required for post-secondary institutions, employers and for a number of other purposes. All school boards in Ontario are mandated to maintain the Ontario Student Record (OSR) folder including a copy of the Official Student Transcript (OST) for 55 years after the student is demitted. 

IMPORTANT: Transcripts will be provided in physical paper format directly to the individual or will be electronically provided/emailed directly to the organization requiring the documentation. Electronic versions of official transcripts are not available for individuals.

Applying to an Ontario College or  Attended High School After 1985

Individuals can order transcripts online when you complete your college application ( A processing fee may be charged as part of your college application.

Applying to an Ontario University  Attended High School After 1985

Applying to an Ontario University and Attended High School after 1985
You can order your transcript online when you complete your university application ( A processing fee may be charged as part of your university application.

Applying for employment, scholarships, awards or bursaries and/or require a transcript?

Contact the guidance department of the last high school attended if you require a transcript when applying for scholarships, awards or bursaries. Please provide your request via email and a transcript will be mailed to you.

Board Records

Records Information Management (RIM) is the systematic management of all records created or received at any site operated by the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board to their final disposition (destruction or archival retention). Record keeping practices must comply with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All general information in the custody and control of the Board, that is not confidential, or otherwise exempt, shall be publicly accessible.

The Records Retention Schedule outlines retention of the Board’s records according to their administrative, fiscal, legal, and research/archival value. It includes records that must be retained according to legislation and/or Board procedures and a notation of the archival/historic importance of each record series where appropriate. The schedule applies to both paper, electronic records.

All employees of the Board are required to adhere to the designated Records Retention Schedule.

Questions pertaining to Board records including retention and access can be directed to the Board’s Privacy Officer by emailing


Request for the Disclosure of Information

If an organization or service partner requires access to student data, as defined by MFIPPA, PHIPA, pertinent Acts, and/or the Education Act, and under the care and control of the Board, to perform required functions (Immunization of Students, School Photographs, Dental/Vision Screening, etc.) the information must be provided by BHNCDSB Data Services (not school staff). A Request for the Disclosure of Information form must be completed in advance of the data requirement data. The request is reviewed and approved by the Board’s Privacy Officer and then moves to Data Services who releases the data.

Please note that requests require 10 business days to process and should be made well in advance of the required date.

Request for the Disclosure of Information Form

Questions about this process can be directed to


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