Summer School – Transition/Literacy (Gr. 8s)

Ready, Set, Go!

Recommended Grade 8 students can attend a non-credit bearing transition / literacy program at their secondary school before starting Grade 9 in September. Recommendation for program participation will come from the Grade 8 Teacher, Elementary Principal, Secondary Administrator or Student Success Teacher. A registration link directly to the registration form will be provided to the Grade 8 student by the individual who recommended the program. There is no cost associated with attending this program.

BENEFITS of the Program

  • Literacy/Numeracy strategies
  • Organization skills
  • Study skills and concepts
  • Learning strategies
  • Time management methods
  • Understanding academic expectations
  • Meeting classmates & making new friends
  • Meeting school administrators, peer leaders and school personnel
  • Guided tour of the school, including locker & classroom locations
  • Timetable and schedule review
  • Extracurricular opportunities overview
  • Uniforms guidelines and expectations
  • Busing loading / unloading information
  • Familiarization with a new school community and environment

After completing Ready, Set, Go, students will arrive for their first day of school, armed with valuable knowledge, strategies and skills to begin their courses and understanding the academic expectations at a secondary school level. They will recognize a few familiar faces, and already be acquainted with their new school community and environment, including classroom locations, lockers, etc. This provides students with an advantage and level of comfort they wouldn’t otherwise have, and they are able to relax and enjoy the start of their new academic experience!

Dates & Attendance

  • August 28, 29 and 30 (3-day program)
  • 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Locations, Hours, and Transportation

  • The front entrance of the school will be used on all program days.
  • Teachers will greet students in the main foyer.
  • Transportation to and from the program is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s).

Uniforms / Clothing

  • School uniform is not required.
  • Comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the purposes of physical activity should be worn.
  • Running shoes are recommended.

Nutritional Snacks

  • Students should bring a snack/drink to consume each day.
  • Water bottles can be brought and refilled as required.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phones will stay stored in a backpack during the organized activities and can be accessed at break.

Grade 9 Registration Documentation and Timetables

  • All Grade 9 school registration forms and documentation are required by a student’s secondary school, and must be handed in to the student’s secondary school main office.
  • This includes Student Information Verification, Collection & Use of Personal Information, Student Information & Communication Technology Use Agreement, Medical Alert AND any outstanding registration fees.

Combination Locks for Lockers and Timetables

  • Use of combination locks, timetables, and site orientation (school layout etc.) will be reviewed as part of the planned activities of this program.
  • Locks must be purchased directly from the secondary schools, and not brought from home, as the locks are also keyed for emergency access.
  • Students should bring the lock they purchased through their secondary school to the Ready, Set, Go program, however, please note that each secondary school has different procedures and times for when locks are available for purchase.
  • If a student has not purchased a combination lock through their secondary school prior to the start of Ready, Set, Go, there will be an opportunity to do so on the first day of the program.
  • Students should bring cash with them on the first day of Ready, Set, Go if they wish to purchase a lock.
  • Please note each Secondary School charges a locker combination lock fee (cash only):

                $9 at Holy Trinity

$10 (new) and $5 (used) at St. John’s College

$15 (new) or $10 (used) at Assumption College School

Withdrawal from the Ready, Set, Go Program

  • If circumstances change and a student is no longer able to/does not wish to participate in Ready, Set, Go! this August, please contact the Continuing Education Secretary at hbouckhuyt@bhncdsb.caprior to August 11, 2023.  The student’s name will be removed from the Ready, Set, Go! registration list.
  • Please note: Parental consent is required for removal for all students under the age of 18, so a parent/guardian must be the one who makes the contact.


For more information about Ready, Set, Go during the school year, please contact the Student Success Teacher at your Secondary School:

  • Holy Trinity – Shanna Hanson
  • Assumption College School – Lisa MacDonald
  • St. John’s College – Ryan Mackinlay


For more information about Reach Ahead during the school year, please contact the Student Success Teacher at your Secondary School:


257 Shellard Lane
Brantford, ON N3T 5L5

NITA APOSTOLI-SURETTE 519-751–2030 x 14232


128 Evergreen Hill Road
Simcoe, ON N3Y 4N5

SHANNA HANSON 519–429–3600 x16105


80 Paris Road
Brantford, ON N3R 1H9

Main Office 519-753-0552

Continuing Education Secretary – HAILEY BOUCKHUYT 519-756-6505 x12407

Principal of Continuing Education – TERRE SLAGHT 519-756-6505 x12402


All BHNCDSB students have the ability to download and use a copy of Microsoft office at home free of charge. Students must also know their BHNCDSB username and password to do the installation. The following link will walk you through how to install it on your computer:

Install MS Office for home.

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