School/Board Cancellations

School programs administered by the school/board have priority use of school space during and after regular school hours.

School/board sanctioned events may supersede a community use rental booking and a permit or date(s) within a permit may be cancelled at the school/boards request if it becomes necessary to use the reserved accommodation for school/board use. Reasonable effort will be made to provide the permit holder with adequate notice.

All fees will be refunded for the period of school/board cancelation.

The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board assume no responsibility for expenses, distress, disappointment, frustration and/or inconvenience resulting from cancellations or alterations to permits.

Rental Group Cancellation

Rental groups are asked to do their best to only apply for the dates and times they require. Once your permit has been approved, no other user has access to that space.  A non-refundable cancellation fee will be charged to any permit if the permit holder cancels a booking less than seven (7) calendar days before the date of the booking.

Once your permit has received final approval, it will be “locked”. A non-refundable change fee will be charged for each change requested.

School/Board Inclement Weather

The decision to close schools due to extreme weather is usually made early in the morning and communicated on the Board’s website ( and through local media.  If schools are closed during the school day due to extreme weather, or any other causes beyond control of the boards, then those schools are generally closed to community use permits that day/night. The online booking system will electronically notify affected groups.

All fees will be refunded for the period of inclement weather.

No-Show Charges

If rental groups fail to utilize a scheduled time slot the Permit Holder will be charged a $50 penalty fee + unsubsidized rental & custodial costs incurred by the Board.

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