Student Community Service

How to Get Started

1. In consultation with your parents, CHOOSE a community involvement activity (parent signature is not required if the student is eighteen years of age or older)

2. Contact the person or organization to explore the possibility of a volunteer activity.

  • Volunteer fairs are hosted periodically by the city
  • Contact public institutions
  • Contact regional or local governments i.e.
  • Check volunteer opportunities in Guidance departments
  • Contact service clubs to assist with some of their projects
  • Contact local library and Information Centres for a list of agencies in the community.

3. Ensure that no activities from the list of ineligible activities appear on this form

4. Complete the Notification and Completion of Activities section in the Community Involvement Activity Record.

5. Submit the form to Student Services at the requested date (specific times will be announced at your school).

Check the “Completion of Graduation Requirements” form is attached to your final report card and accurately reflects the community hours completed.

6. Be responsible. You are responsible for the management of this document; know where it is kept and keep it updated.

7. Please keep a copy for your records.

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