Student Community Service

Insurance Notice


The program is mandated by the Ministry, and managed by the principal, with school board involvement on the types of activities and the forms to be completed for the program. This meets all the criteria for the board’s liability insurance to apply in the same way as it does for Co-op or “Take Our Kids to Work” programs.

The board’s liability insurance will protect the students and the community sponsors for liability lawsuits that may arise from the students’ activities in the community involvement program for the 40 hours required.

As with programs such as “Take Our Kids to Work”, the board’s insurance does not cover the sponsors for lawsuits that arise from their negligence, or for student injuries in the work place. The liability insurance of the community sponsors would be expected to respond to cover the sponsors for suits arising out of their negligence.

Ontario School Boards’ Insurance Exchange (OSBIE) will not be issuing certificates of insurance for community sponsors. Coverage falls within the liability policy terms and conditions. Certificates would be redundant. For those community sponsors who are looking for a statement about the school board’s insurance, a copy of this memorandum may be provided. As an alternative, we have also provided a guideline of a statement on the back of this memorandum.

The Ministry has provided a list of ineligible activities. School boards are asked to review the list and add to it, if they wish. In addition, school boards are asked to draw up an approved list of activities. This is to be attached to the information that is provided to the student, parents and community sponsors. We would encourage boards to share their list of approved and ineligible activities with OSBIE. We will initial the lists and return them to you, with our comments or concerns.

Liability Insurance for Community Involvement Diploma Requirement

The Community Involvement program can be a positive experience for the students and the sponsor organizations. Clear information, good communication, and a “safety first” attitude will ensure the success of this new program.


The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board is pleased to advise our Community Sponsors that students who are performing volunteer work for your organizations are protected by the school board’s liability insurance, while they are performing their required forty hours of community involvement service. Community sponsors are also protected by the board’s liability insurance for claims that arise out of our students’ volunteer activities for your organizations.

For example, if a student, in the course of his/her volunteer duties, causes damage or injures a third party, and this results in a lawsuit against the student and the community sponsor, the board’s insurance will protect both the student and the community sponsor.

Community sponsors will be responsible for ensuring that their liability insurance will protect them for their involvement in this program. As with other programs, such as “Take Our Kids to Work”, the school board’s insurance does not provide coverage for the negligence of the community sponsors.

Community sponsors should also be aware that, like job shadowing and other similar work-experience programs, students do not have accident insurance, nor Workplace Safety Insurance coverage through the school board. It is recommended that students involved in the program purchase Student Accident Insurance. The school board expects the community sponsors to ensure that student volunteers are provided with safety instructions, and are trained and supervised to ensure a safe and mutually beneficial volunteer experience.

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